The #whatdefinesme challenge

I have devised this challenge to help myself to make it easier to open up and share personal things about myself. I feel like there is so much no one knows about me and there are things I want to write down so I can write it off, give it a place and accept it. I wanted to add something extra to my Instagram, I love sharing my outfits but I am more than only my outfits. Instagram is about sharing photo’s but I like to add the story behind the picture. If you are following me, I want you to be able to say ´I know her’. And then I mean really know her, not just my ‘perfect’ side but the real me that doesn’t mean that my photo’s on Instagram are fake on the contrary I never Photoshop anything but of course I do ‘filter’ them in good and bad ones. Like everyone I think? I don’t know if there´s anyone who´s interested in my story but I guess we will find that out soon.

I will share something that defines me randomly every once in a while on an Instagram post in short and the longer version of that ´something´ here on my blog. I will share all different kind of things about myself; my flaws, insecurities, hopes and believes. Small and big things, funny, sad but above all real things about me. I encourage everyone to join me in this challenge, don’t be afraid to show the world who you are.

Love, Amanda 💋

PS there’s 21 years between the photo’s above.

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