Mak Sweater Review

This is probably one of my most favourite brands to purchase sweaters and cardigans. In this blog I’m going to tell you why you simple have to own Mak Sweaters and I will review my favourite styles with you.

Cropped cardigan 3/4 sleeves;
This style was my first Mak Sweater ever! I had my eye on these cardigans for quite a while and I finally decided I needed them in my closet! I bought 3 at once and that was a really good decision, why didn’t I purchase them sooner!? I bought red, yellow and magenta. Out of all my cardigans this particular red one I’ve wore and I’m still wearing the most. I think for me, it’s the combination of the style and the color red. 

Because of the cropped length they are perfect on dresses with a high waist and it gives them that extra vintage feeling. You can combine them with busy print dresses which will make your look more balanced. Also a lot of vintage style dresses don’t have sleeves so these cardigans are perfect for just that little bit of extra warmth.

Here I’m wearing the cropped 3/4 sleeve cardigan in Magenta;

Pullover sweater vintage inspired;
I just love this style so much, they are really comfy and easy to combine with a swing skirt, pencil skirt or pants. So if you’re not feeling like wearing a dress this is a perfect option. The other thing I really like about these plain sweaters is that you can easily wear scarfs and other accessories with it without overdoing your outfit.

Here I’m wearing the blush 3/4 sleeves sweater and combined it with a striped scarf;

There are two different styles of the plain sweater, one with 3/4 sleeves and one with 1/2 sleeves. I like them both and own several colors of both styles.

Here I’m wearing the oatmeal 1/2 sleeve sweater;

Here I’m wearing the orange 1/2 sleeve sweater;

Some other sweaters I love;
Mak sweater is really good in their plain sweaters and cardigans and they are an absolute must have to balance and finish your outfit. But they also offer a variety of other sweaters, I picked two others I liked to review with you as well;

The embroidered flower sweater (in Ivory);
This is one of my most favorite sweaters and I wear it a lot! I like to combine it with my orange swing skirt from steady clothing or my taupe pencil skirt from banned or just simply with a high waisted jeans. The flowers have multiple colors in them, including red which makes my red lips match the sweater as well.

Polka dot sweater;
If you know me, you probably know that I love polka dots. So this cute sweater had to be mine as well. I picked the black one with with polka dots, for me these colors easy to combine because I own a lot of black. What I love about this style in particular is the white collar, it gives the sweater just that little bit of extra dimension. I think the overall appearance of this sweater is just really classy.

Summer cardigans;
Short sleeves, cropped cardigans perfect for hot summer nights. There are 2 different styles, with a V neckline and a round neckline. I own a white one with the V neckline and a red and sage green one with a round neckline. I haven’t worn them outside as the weather is not warm enough yet. I’m really looking forward to wear them and already decided with which dresses I will pair them. 

I wear size S of all the Mak sweaters and they fit me perfectly. Normally I’m always a size XS, then again their size S is the smallest size. I recommend checking their size chart to be sure of the size you need.

Now you know all the pro’s of owning Mak Sweaters but there is one con as well. When you start with it, you won’t be able to stop. There will always be a new color or new style you just need to add to your closet..😝 Here a photo of my Mak Sweater collection so far..😅

Love, Amanda💋

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