I’m a proud vegetarian

Something that defines me; I’m a vegetarian 🌱 Yes, for more than 2 years now. I never liked meat at all, the veggies were always my favorite part of the meal😅 So it was quite easy for me to start my animal friendly diet. And I’m so happy I did it, it gives me such a good feeling. For me there are only benefits!

The reason I became a vegetarian:
The feeling I got while eating meat was horrible and it started to get worse. While eating meat all I could think about is that I was eating an animal. It made me sad and also feel weird. I know it’s quite normal to eat meat as the majority of people do it. But I couldn’t help but feel weird, we’ve got brains and think about everything, we can choose what we want to eat. It’s not about instinct as it is with animals, they eat each other because of their instinct. We are now way more developed and have also the luxury to choose for a meatless diet. Because of all the meatless ‘meat’ that’s now on the market it’s very easy to replace the meat and still get a variet dish with all the nutrition’s we need to be healthy. It’s super easy to be a healthy vegetarian.

And when I see those lovely animals it makes me even happier that I’m not eating them.😁

Choices, choices, choices:
I will always respect someone else’s choice, whatever they choose is their choice as it also is with my choice. I won’t ever dislike, not be friends or look differently at a meat eater. I have a lot of friends and family that eat meat. Of course I’m very happy when I convince someone to eat less meat or when someone tries a new vegetarian dish with me. But I won’t force it onto someone. Nor should anyone force their meat or fish onto me.

Vegan..? 🤔
When I’m going out for diner and there is a vegan option on the menu I do pick that one. I’m not fully vegan as I sometimes eat cheese, cookies or ice cream for example but maybe in the future I will be, I’m not sure yet as it can be a little difficult in some occasions like when you go out for diner or eat at a family or friends place. When you go on a vacation it can be hard to even find a place where you can eat vegetarian, let alone eat vegan. So, I haven’t made up my mind about this yet I’m still deciding.

For who I am I doing this?
For myself and the animals that get to live because of my choice. I’m not doing it for the environment but if it does help the nature I’m of course super okay with that!👍
Being a vegetarian gives me an amazing feeling that I can’t even fully explain. It brings me in such a positive vibe and gives me also a proud feeling. I am a proud vegetarian.🌱😁

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